Makkadman – Hollywood makes a Hindi movie

2 06 2007

Okay please don’t be surprised. Hollywood doesn’t really make Hindi movies. They just create movies that look inspired or similar to trashed Hindi movies. I’m talking about Spiderman-3. Well really, I didn’t think much of it, especially since I have watched both the previous movies.

Spiderman was about the creation of the legend in the city of New York. It showed his own fears, insecurities and his musings over the choices he has to make to lead a life of respect and use the powers he has acquired due to the bite of a genetically altered spider.

Spiderman-2 turns out to be my favorite of the three. Spidey was growing into a cult figure, he knew his responsibilities and he was fighting for the people who lay trust in him. it again showed his own insecurities but he is able to overcome them.Spiderman

Spidey-3 is different. Like Maggi hot and sweet tomato chilly sauce, it’s different. Well jokes apart, the difference here was that Spidey was not fighting for the people of New York, rather he was fighting against the man who killed his uncle. The killer had become the sandman. The sandman was not entirely the villain. He only had shades of gray. The real villain was the venom, which Spidey willingly lets take control of himself but soon realizes its destructive potential.

It had all the drama of a Bollywood movie. Spidey’s love for Mary Jane is well known and he blows it off by kissing Gwen Stacy. Eddie Brock is her boyfriend so obviously he is after Spidey and in doing so, acquires the venom and decides to use it against him.

Harry, Spidey’s long lost friend-turned-foe-turned-friend comes to his rescue at the very last moment. Okay, I think its enough, I’ve spilled all the beans I guess. No wait, there’s something that I didn’t write about and I will skip it obviously. I don’t want to spoil the climax. Go and watch it.

But there’s something more about Spidey-3. They didn’t leave any openings from this movie to create Spidey-4. Or do they really want to create another sequel? Personally, I have my doubts but with the way Hollywood works, I won’t be surprised to see another sequel soon. After all, there wasn’t any opening in Spidey-2 too but they created the sandman out of nowhere and made this movie!

It is good entertainment, especially if you want the kids to enjoy some breathtaking stunts. Overall, writer’s rating – 6.5/10

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Himesh Reshammiya and Music

7 04 2006

There is music and then there is Himesh Reshammiya’s music. There is a big difference between them. Music is well… music to ears. But Himesh Reshammiya’s music is like a car coming to a screeching halt. Terrible comparison there? Okay, you are entitled to your own different opinion of his music but seriously speaking I don’t have any inclination to accept his brand of music in its current form.I am a connoisseur of good music. There are days at end when I don’t look beyond a few compositions of Gulzar and RD Burman. Then there are times when I go crazy about AR Rehman, Jatin Lalit and a few other good music directors. Himesh too has given some good compositions in Tere Naam (2003), Aitraaz (2004) and Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya (2005) among others. But off late his music doesn’t sound like music to ears.

It started with Aashiq Banaya Aapne (2005). The film had Tanushree Dutta and Emran Hashmi lip-locking every other moment and it needed good fast music. But Himesh messed it up with his rendition of the title track that felt like music from a broken radio set. There was no problem with Himesh as long as he played behind the scene sctivities in the form of a music director. Problem started when he himself donned his thinking cap and decided to try his luck at singing. As luck would have it, he was an instant hit. Instant success does not necessarily mean long term stardom. His stubble, cap, T-Shirt and jeans made him look ultra cool but his singing talent has taken a nosedive for the worse.

He sounds loud, nasal, sometimes feels like crying while singing and other times makes you wonder why is he singing? Okay, his nasal twangs may not be as pronounced as Kumar Sanu’s but still his nasal voice is all the more evident in some of his recent songs.


I look for music that has a certain amount of shelf-life. Unfortunately none of his albums have a good shelf-life of say beyond a month. If I have to go and buy an album, I’d much rather prefer an AR Rehman to Himesh Reshammiya.

Bollywood Shows Trash

20 09 2005

Bollywood surely thinks of the audience as stupid. Bollywood thinks that the audiences will accept anything and everything that is presented to them in the movies they produce. Take for example a movie that I was watching on cable TV today. I don’t know the name of the movie, but I could see that it starred Bobby Deol, Gul Panag, Milind Soman and Lara Dutta in the lead roles. Well, I have to say that I only watched the closing few scenes of the film that was supposedly shot in Malaysia. The scenes that I watched showed everyone brandishing their guns with the leading ladies being kidnapped by the hero and the villain respectively. And then the villain (Milind Soman) shoots the hero (Bobby Deol). The impact of the bullet is so big that it pushes Bobby high up in the air and he goes on to fall behind the car that he was standing in front of at the start of the scene. Incredible!

As if this was not enough, the fallen hero now opens his eyes, recounts how he fell there. What they now show is that when Milind Soman shot him, he could actually see the path of the bullet approaching him (Matrix style!) and it barely misses his forehead and he makes an acrobatic jump behind the car and pretends to be dead.

Okay the photography was good, but was it real? Can you escape a bullet when you are shot at a close range of say less than 10 metres? Comparisons with Matrix would only make Matrix look like a bad copy of an old flop masala movie, but this was pathetic. Our filmi heroes try to act as super-heroes and end up doing a remarkably good job thanks to the stupid mentality of Bollywood producers. No wonder, the film flopped and it must have been such a big flop that I don’t even remember its name.