1 06 2006

Yesterday my sister who is visiting me these days asked me a riddle. She said that my mom was bringing something to eat from the market and she asked me to guess what it was. At first I simply refused, saying that I don’t care a damn for riddles. She started pestering me. My determination for not playing the riddle began to decline. Finally bowing to her pestering, I told her to give me hints. Here are the hints that she gave me, try to figure out what my mom was bringing home to eat. Note that I still have the ace up my sleeve and will not reveal the most obvious hint.

Hint 1: It looks like a cake.
Me: Clueless!

Hint 2: It is in yellow color.
Me: Clueless!

Hint 3: It is spongy and has lots of water.
Me: Still clueless!

Hint 4: It has green chili in it.
Me: Okay, it is not sweet obviously but still clueless!

Hint 5: It is made of flour (maida)
Me: Err… What? *Rolls my eyes wondering what sort of clue this is*

Hint 6: Withheld till you make at least one try. Try to give me the answer in the comments.

So there you go. Answer these hints and guess what my mom was bringing home to eat. The winner will have the privilege of having this dish on me whenever we meet.

© Crime Master Gogo