Experience of a different level

29 08 2005

I had my first brush with the Delhi Metro today. And I can say for sure that it was a mind blowing experience. Given the traffic woes of this city, it is hard to believe that such a modernized and systematic means of transport is finally available to us citizens. All I would say is that the Delhi Metro is going to be the coolest means of transportation in the years to come.

It’s a breeze going thru the process of travelling by the Metro. You take a token of the selected value (from INR 6 to 14, with prices to be revised shortly), get down to the station, board the train, reach your station, return the token and you’re done! For outsiders, it is mainly a ritual that they’ve known for years but for us Indians it is a very new concept. Even the now well-known Calcutta Metro looks like a leaf out of the middle ages when compared to the swanky looks and sophisticated technologies in use by the Delhi Metro.

What’s the coolest feature of the whole Metro system? I believe it is the ticketing system. The ticket (called token in Metro slang) is made out of a plastic coin which ensures that no unauthorized person enters the actual platform of the Metro station.

There is still a lot to be done. For instance, the Connaught Place station is centrally located, but there are no sign-boards around the Inner Circle indicating the path to the station. I guess they will add it in the times to come. With the line-3 nearing completion, people in this part of the city are getting all the more excited. I am one of them, as a Metro station is due to come up just half kilometre from my home. It is still 6 months to go before the line-3 connecting Connaught Place to Dwarka will open but the anticipation is high in the air. Let’s hope all goes well and it opens on time!

Just random thoughts!