Spooky Thoughts!

3 05 2006

Have you ever been spooked? Have you ever had any unexplainable and supernatural experience? I can say that I have! Having said that I would still say that I do not believe in ghosts till the time I actually experience the existence of one. So if this is the way I think what are the spooky things that I am talking about? I would tell in details here.

Perhaps the first incident goes as far back as 1985 when as a 4 year old kid I visited Bombay. I have been told not to talk about it but all I can say is that the result of those spooky events in Bombay was that I started having an inherent fear and hatred for Bombay city. I grew up almost thinking that my world would come to an end if I go to Bombay. There was even a time when I didn’t want to go anywhere near Bombay, not even to Pune. It is because of this fear that I had apprehensions about going to Goa some years back. We went to Goa, nothing happenend, I loved the place and now I want to go back to Goa again. Well, that’s a different story, but as I have grown up I have come to realize that my apprehensions regarding Bombay are just a meaningless fear. I want to visit Bombay at the next available opportunity, not only to see the city that holds a great deal of importance to my country but also to tackle my inherent fears.

Well this is not the only spooky incident of my life. Other small incidents too have taken place. Many a times, especially during the night I have felt that there is something floating in the air above me. As a kid I never minded it, because I did not know what it was. I first experienced it when I think I was 10 or 11 years old. As soon as I had gotten into my bed I felt some cold breeze around my feet. Wondering that it might be some breeze I pulled over my blanket and tried to sleep. Even after putting on the blanket I felt something float over my legs. Not knowing what it was, I just turned over a few times and then finally went to sleep.

Again the same thing happened to me once during my 10th board exams. In the dead of the night when I finally went to sleep I felt something cold and swirling around my legs as soon as I got into bed. I turned on the light to find nothing there. My thoughts were more towards the upcoming exams so I didn’t care much about it and went to sleep. Next day nothing happened and I thought it must have been a freakily cold night.

But something different happened in the summer of 2002. One fine night I as usual had switched on my cooler and went to sleep. I could see a dim moonlight coming into my room from the nearby window. Soon I fell asleep. But during the night I stirred and woke up to find something swirling above the left side of my head. Yes, I did saw something. It is quite unexplainable in words but it was something floating above my head. I immediately thought that someone must be standing there besides me. I turned over again to go to sleep but in doing so I realized that it is not possible for anyone to stand on my left side as my bed was by the side of a wall! I again looked up towards the swirl but it was gone! As sleepy as I was then, I didn’t think of it again and instead went back to sleep. It was only the next morning that I realized what had happened to me. I immediately became frightened and believe me; it still sends goose-bumps down my body.

Then again believe it or not something happened last year too. I was in my room reading a book lying on my bed. My room was bolted by me from the inside. The bed was placed just on the left hand side of the computer and a revolving chair was placed in front of the computer. As I was reading my book I suddenly felt a strange noise from the chair. I looked up to it to find that its face had turned marginally towards the opposite wall while I felt some invisible thing run towards the door. It ran with some huge force that I could feel through the air. I looked at the door but it was still bolted from the inside, as I had left it. But the room immediately became creepy. Thankfully it was a weekend and I wasn’t alone at home. I immediately opened the door, went and sat in the company of my mom. Though I didn’t tell her about it but still her company had a soothing effect on me and I calmed down quickly.

It just leaves me gasping and wondering when the next such spooky thing would happen. How will I face it? Is there any way I can prevent it? Or is there any way I can be ready for it? I have no idea!