Circuit and Munna

31 07 2007

Circuit: भाई अमेरिका में address पूछेगा तो क्या बोलने का
मुन्ना: धोभी घाट
Circuit: भाई english में बोलनेका तो?
मुन्ना: Washington
Circuit: भाई इधर आने को क्या बोलना
मुन्ना: Come Here
Circuit: भाई फिर उधर जानेको क्या बोलते है
मुन्ना: पेहले उधर जानेका फिर बोलनेका come here.
Circuit:भाई येह कैसा बोलने का – चले हट हवा आने दे
मुन्ना: simple हैं यार – Hey u move sideways let the air force come in.
Circuit: भाई तुम तो पास हो गेला भाई
मुन्ना: Yes bro i have just passed away
मुन्ना: अभी तू बोल एह
मामू भेजा मत फिरा
Circuit: Mother’s brother dont rotate my brain
मुन्ना: येह बोल
इधर आ खज़ूर देता हूँ कर्चा पानी {कज़ूर याने डटे}
circiut: Come with me for a date i will pay u
मुन्ना: अब येह बोल
अपुन को बहुत सर्दी हो गयी है
circuit: I got big winter in smoll nose

Of course these would have been the dialogues from the next Munnabhai movie had Munna not gone to jail. A loss to the Indian film industry but still, justice finally done.


The Case for Censorship

29 07 2007

I have been writing this blog for nearly 2 years now. Initially I was very buoyant and happy about writing a blog. I had loads of friends coming and reading it, some of them even commenting on it. Blog statistics told me that a lot more people were reading my blog than I had expected. This continued till about early last year and then slowly but steadily the novelty factor started wearing off. Meanwhile I experimented a lot with my blog, changing its templates ever so often, adding bits and pieces of HTML codes everywhere, finding websites and software that help promote blogs. There was even a time when I had experimented with Google AdSense.

I started my blog on Blogger but as I experienced difficulties in managing the code, I switched to WordPress sometime last year. Sometimes I even contemplate moving this blog again to another domain of my own but haven’t exercised that option so far. I know I am not a frequent writer, sometimes taking month long breaks between 2 posts, so I figured that investing any money into buying a domain for me is not the right thing to do.

This leads me to the topic of this post. When I started writing this blog, I named it ‘Random Ramblings’. Well, it wasn’t such a smart title after all, for I later found loads and loads of blogs with the similar titles. I knew that I needed a new title and my uncreative mind suggested ‘Crime Master Gogo’.

At the same time it dawned upon me that I need to keep a few things to myself and not disclose them on this blog. There are a few things that I needed to keep a secret and not let the whole world know about them. This is why I have not even mentioned my name on this blog except at some places where people may have posted comments. I have decided to censor out anything and everything that is personal to me.


And as luck would have it, I ran into a writer’s block (and hence the current title). There was practically nothing left for me to write and also the fact that I got a little more busy than earlier which forced me to neglect this blog. In a way it was good because it helped my blog drift into oblivion and helped me start all over again. Plus of course, the way I remodeled my blog pushed my entire identity into a hiding.


The case for censorship is strong I believe because in my case I do not want people to know my most intimate details. Although I prefer not to post incidents from my life on this blog but still wherever I have to do so, I leave out the biggest details like name, etc. Or at other times, I may change the names and places of all people involved in them.

My idea of censorship is restricted only to this blog. Don’t ask me the reasons for it, for its rather personal. I am happy at the way this blog has shaped up, even though not many of my friends are commenting on it nowadays.

Kanyakumari – The video

16 07 2007

Here is my attempt at making a short amateur video. It is actually nothing great and made with little difficulty. I created it using Windows Movie Maker and added a few effects, transitions and an mp3 file for audio, saved it and viola! Video ready!

Guess who?

6 07 2007

This is an easy riddle. Identify this gentleman I found this pic here. Reply to me in comments if you got the answer.

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