Makkadman – Hollywood makes a Hindi movie

2 06 2007

Okay please don’t be surprised. Hollywood doesn’t really make Hindi movies. They just create movies that look inspired or similar to trashed Hindi movies. I’m talking about Spiderman-3. Well really, I didn’t think much of it, especially since I have watched both the previous movies.

Spiderman was about the creation of the legend in the city of New York. It showed his own fears, insecurities and his musings over the choices he has to make to lead a life of respect and use the powers he has acquired due to the bite of a genetically altered spider.

Spiderman-2 turns out to be my favorite of the three. Spidey was growing into a cult figure, he knew his responsibilities and he was fighting for the people who lay trust in him. it again showed his own insecurities but he is able to overcome them.Spiderman

Spidey-3 is different. Like Maggi hot and sweet tomato chilly sauce, it’s different. Well jokes apart, the difference here was that Spidey was not fighting for the people of New York, rather he was fighting against the man who killed his uncle. The killer had become the sandman. The sandman was not entirely the villain. He only had shades of gray. The real villain was the venom, which Spidey willingly lets take control of himself but soon realizes its destructive potential.

It had all the drama of a Bollywood movie. Spidey’s love for Mary Jane is well known and he blows it off by kissing Gwen Stacy. Eddie Brock is her boyfriend so obviously he is after Spidey and in doing so, acquires the venom and decides to use it against him.

Harry, Spidey’s long lost friend-turned-foe-turned-friend comes to his rescue at the very last moment. Okay, I think its enough, I’ve spilled all the beans I guess. No wait, there’s something that I didn’t write about and I will skip it obviously. I don’t want to spoil the climax. Go and watch it.

But there’s something more about Spidey-3. They didn’t leave any openings from this movie to create Spidey-4. Or do they really want to create another sequel? Personally, I have my doubts but with the way Hollywood works, I won’t be surprised to see another sequel soon. After all, there wasn’t any opening in Spidey-2 too but they created the sandman out of nowhere and made this movie!

It is good entertainment, especially if you want the kids to enjoy some breathtaking stunts. Overall, writer’s rating – 6.5/10

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24 09 2014
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Makkadman – Hollywood makes a Hindi movie | Writer’s Block

8 06 2007
Writer's Block

Watch it quickly, else it will be off the cinema halls soon. I watched it in a near empty hall 10 days back and the film was removed on the next Friday. Today too being a Friday, check your local listings and see if it is still there on any hall.


7 06 2007

Man… everyone’s been dissing this one… now i really gotta see it 😛

2 06 2007
Writer's Block

Tom ji

How come Tom is also here! This calls for a party sharty 😀

Thank you for the kind words. How can I bring Harry, woh to oops! (film ka climax nahi bataunga) 😉


2 06 2007
Writer's Block

D(r)iving Tennyson

How will you publish a review? :O

Writer watches movies without telling anyone 😛


2 06 2007

Hie jerry..tom yahan bhi aah gaya..As i told you ur review is brilliant…and I liked it. I didn’t notice anything as a drawback for this i truly loved harry..Mujhe Harry lahke doh..varna next time se tom comment nahin karega…

Good effort!!!

Keep writing always


2 06 2007

Pogo is such a Gogo to watch this movie and never tell a diver about it 😛
But spidey is always so sentimental u kno 😉
Btw, diver wanna see a review published 😛

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