Old Doordarshan Serials

23 05 2007

I have been a member of Orkut for a year now and one of the most interesting communities that I have found there is the Old Doordarshan Serials community (Sign in with your Orkut/Google account to view the community). I don’t personally know the owner of this community but still applaud his effort in creating this community which has a good 5000 plus members as of now.

People reminisce the good old days of television in
India. Back in the ‘80s and the early ‘90s when we had only two channels of the state owned TV station Doordarshan, we were practically over the moon when we watched our favourite serials. If I try to recall, I can still remember Chitrahar (a half hour program on film songs) was telecast every week on Wednesday and Friday at 8pm. Tuesday was the day when they showed a short play enacted almost without any retakes. Then there were serials like Buniyaad, Hum Log, Khandaan which brought many well known TV stars. Names like Alok Nath, Neena Gupta, Kanwaljeet, etc all became household names overnight.

I still remember the time when they used to telecast Mahabharat on Sunday mornings. That was the time when literally the entire nation would come to a stand still. The drama of the serials of that era was so intense that we viewers sat in rapt attention in front of the TV set. Compare them to today’s serials and you will find that they are poles apart. Today’s serials (most of them from the Ekta Kapoor stable) don’t even have a determined story. They go on and on for as long as 7 years (and still counting) and you will never see the head or tail of the story.

This Orkut community that I’m talking about has people talking about old serials, dating back to Hum Log. It makes me wonder, were there no serials before that? Or is it that members of this community are not so old that they can recall serials of before that era? Or maybe one good reason could be that most people at that time were so poor that they could not afford to buy a TV set and also the fact that television services were restricted predominantly to urban areas and with limited hours of programming, so people rarely cared to buy a TV set.

Still, it makes me feel nostalgic reading about all the good old serials of DD, some of which I don’t even remember. But looking back I do think that being the owner of a 29inch black-white Televista TV set dating back to 1969 does make me an oldie among TV viewers.

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29 10 2010

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10 10 2010

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5 09 2010


am glad to see ya all up here.

i need the title track of lifeline jeevan rekha -ak hangal and all hospital serial. i have been searching for it past 10 years, but no success. pls. help. thx

4 09 2010

hi pooja
that’s tup tup topi topi was the song of alice in wonderland.
that was my favorite cartoon

2 08 2010
Sudhir Thakur

Dear Friend

i have full serial of Dekh Bhai Dekh
and Talaash and Upansa… and many new ones as well….

1 08 2010

I wish I cud go back in tht time…i grow up watching good serials….those serials were short and sweet.

Anyone have following serial episodes or at least title songs?

1)Mitti ke rang.
2) Kashish
3)dekh bhai dekh.

25 06 2010

there was serial coming on doordarshan named “phoolwanti” which had a song
“tera mera manwa kaise” ek hui re
mai kehta nirmohi rahio
tu jata hai mohi re……..
staring Archana Joglekar & arun govil. If anyone recalls plz let me know n fromwhere to get that song.

20 06 2010

In todays world we do have hundreds of channels in each and every languages, but nothing would come to the sheer brilliance of Doordarshan which had in the Eighties and early Nineties. Those where the golden age of the Television, with serials like
3)Vikram aur Betal
4)Malgudi Days
6)Byomkesh Bakshi
10)Wagle Ke duniya
these are my all time favorites.

Thanks you very much for bringing back my memories.

17 06 2010
Amjad Khan

Neelesh your memory is appreciated…. you remembered me my child hold..period which was fully enjoyed days… each and every persons seen same serial and at the same time.. where ever we go in the street every where same sound came to out..of television. your list is amazing… like its running serial that you remembered…

U forgot

EK Do Teen Char
Char Chatur
Genuis Book of record… where anchor like presents ………G. Bush
The sword of Tipusultan
Vikram aur Betal
Malgudi Days………..tanana na tana nana na what was that lyric

19 04 2010

hey can anyone tell me where can i get these old doordarshan serials . please send me the links . I wud be very very grateful .
Thanks in advance

14 12 2009

Hey guys!!! became nostalgic looking at all ur comments 🙂 I am looking for the name of a serial, in which the lead lady’s name was Reva, it was telecasted/re telecasted (not sure abt it) in the year 2005.

13 12 2009

can anyone plz help reminding name of the serial all i remember is this song Tap Tap Topi Topi top main jo dube………….I remember it was a cartoon show..I miss those cute days….

4 12 2009

Hi…can someone please post info on the serial ‘Lifeline’….starring Reema Lagoo if i am not mistaken.

1 11 2009
Mohammad Hussain

Assalaam o alekum to all the viewers of doodardarshan….i want to make a serial on DD1 based on the living standard of the villagers….and i m looking for a good DIRECTOR who has a good experiance in serial making and if there is anyone who want to join us please contact 09807820160,09026373113 …Thank you…

26 09 2009

Hi All,
Please mail me site which is having old dd serials. I am looking for phir wohi talash , Karamchand etc

22 09 2009

Hi every body..

I am very happy that people still remember those old days and that golden period of our life…that is thing which binds us in the same thread..inspite of where we were at that time of our childhood, whatever was our location, cast, economic status..anythink..we were watching same serial at same time…i think thats wonderful…still we feel connected by that feeling…please write you feeling two me at rinku_delhi@indiatimes.com

19 09 2009
Sudhir Thakur

Dear Maleen,

If i am not wrong then the serial that u are searching for is

“Anton Chekov Ki Kahaniya”

Hope that solves your problem

contact me if you want more knowledge to bring back your fav.. old memories

warm regards’

19 09 2009

Does anyone remember a serial which used to come in afternoon based on a russian author’s stories. something called “…. ki kahaniyan” Generally used to be funny stories. I cannot seem to remember the name. Please please help.

18 09 2009

Guys, I am looking for the series ‘Hum panchi ek daal ke’. Can any one post the link to this DD serial? Regards, Kurian

9 09 2009
Ajay Rathor

Hi everyone,

Really that was the best time of my life. There was only cable then but all the family members sit together and watched the timless charm of doordarshan.

I am looking desparately for 6-7 months for old doordarshan serials like

Udaan , Mitti ke Rang, Mr. Yogi etc but have not find any link.

Please forward me if you have any episodes of these golden serials. Or please let me know if any CD/DVD available anywhere.

my email id is ajayrathor19@yahoo.com

29 07 2009
Sudhir Thakur

hi Buddy,
pls send me the links as i really would like to have old memories back on my comp.

Warm Regards

28 07 2009

u can get nearly 18 to 20 serials if intrested leave your comments with mail id i will post u the lionks with list

27 07 2009

old serial are all time favourite,characters of that serials are really very near to us …….. if any one wud help me if anyone had to see the following serial , where should we had to contact or dvd/cd are available
I) farmaan
2) Bharat Ek khoj
3) surbhi
PLSSSSSSSSS help me if u cud. thx

2 07 2009

there was serial coming on doordarshan named “phoolwanti” which had a song
“tera mera manwa kaise” ek hui re
mai kehta nirmohi rahio
tu jata hai mohi re……..
staring Archana Joglekar & arun govil. If anyone recalls plz let me know n fromwhere to get that song.

15 06 2009

Oh my god!! these comments really made me nostalgic about good old days of DD. 80’s and early 90’s…………. how can we forget that time. I am proud that I have spent my childhood watching those goody serails on DD.

Today’s serials really sucks ( mainly ekta kapoor soap’s). Old DD serials were pure and healthy entertainers, informative, simple, touching, down to earth. Those DD serials had contensts, characters which one common can identify with himself. and todays serials full of indecent content, only corporate rivalary, extra marital affairs blah blah blah
I remember and cherishes the good memory of :
1. nukkad
2. Phir wohi talash
3. appu aur pappu
4. Lekhu
5. Aa bail mujhe maar — saturdays afternoon
6. hum panchi ek daal ke
7. DDs comedy show
8. intezaar
9. Daane anar ke
10. mungeri laal le hasin sapne
11. yatra — i think om puri was the narrator. based on india railways
12. kakkaji kahin
13. hum log
14. buniyaad
15. fauji
16. circus
17. darpan – remember -> darpan yaane aaina (starting words)
18. katha sagar
19. ramayan, mahabharat
20. DD news daily at 8.40 PM. news readers like salma sultan, shammi narang, Raman, avinash kaur sareen
21. indradhanush
22. honi anhoni
23. some quiz programmes– i don’t remember the names exactly (sunday afternoon)
24. world of sports, sports maze
25. neenv ( foundation) based on school life
26. wagle ki duniya.
27. choti badi baatein
28. khaandaan
29. byomkesh bakshi
30. karam chand
31. aur bhi raahein
32. best out of waste
33. muzrim haazir
34. shrikant
and much more . the list is endless.
wish i can relive those good old days or atleast these serials be aired again.
Thanks for starting this chain

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