Some random thoughts on the Indian Cricket team

15 02 2007

Indian team for the world cup has been announced. In a way it was on expected lines but still a few questions remain. First of all, why the experiments? We stuck to an experiment mode for nearly a year, trying out every new player who has played some Ranji cricket but what has been the result. Ultimately we have stuck to a team that was pretty similar to the one before these experiments started. Ganguly, Zaheer, Kumble are back. If we had to stick to the old guns then why did we overlook them in the first place? Greggie needs to answer this question.

Then secondly, there is a case for Laxman and Kaif too. Laxman was just plain unlucky to miss out on the 2003 world cup when his place went to Dinesh Mongia. He had hoped that he would play in this world cup but he’s not there in the team. And then there is Kaif, who was dropped due to poor form. He was also unlucky in a way because by the time he was dropped, his state team UP had finished its quota of Ranji matches. He had no other way of proving his form.

And then there is Sehwag. He has simply not learnt from the criticism given to him. Looking at the way he got out in yesterday’s match, I don’t think its right to take him to the world cup. He can’t handle the short pitched ball directed at his ribs. Wat’s he gonna do in West Indies? And he has got a lot more opportunities than Laxman or Kaif to prove his form. He is still there, they are not.

You think this team can win the world cup? I don’t think so. I’d be happy if they qualify for the semi finals.




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18 10 2014
I am ready!

I am ready!

Some random thoughts on the Indian Cricket team | Writer’s Block

16 02 2007
Diving Vampire

thts bcoz greggie is the baddest chappel and he shud be sued, dada rockz and shewag is onli a SHE-wag and pothan wil b another waste 😀

YO YO pogo B-)

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