Sreesanth rockz!

18 12 2006


Here is a priceless video. This was S Sreesanth’s reply after he was sledged to his limits by South African bowler Andre Nel. Having been at the receiving end of Nel’s sledges right through days 1 and 2 of the first test at the Wanderers, Sreesanth decided to hit back. This is one of the most pleasureable sight from an Indian batsman, even the greats like Ganguly and Sachin could not do anything close to this. Click here if you have difficulty in viewing it.




4 responses

26 05 2007

Heh heh yeah I’ve seen that jiggle. I’m sure he has more antics up his sleeve. 😀


26 05 2007

heh heh remember the jiggle he does sometimes after he takes a wicket? this boy is two cards short of a full deck 😛

i think Harsha Bhogle said it best… its got a refreshing rural tinge to it

cheers ipodboy 😛

1 01 2007
Crime Master Gogo

Oh Chandy, how are you? Where did you disappear? I sent u links to some piccies about my recent vacation in Kanyakumari. Did you look at them? If not, there are some pics in my blog too.

You know, I got a little busy lately, thats why I don’t come online. But still I’m in touch with all folks. And you know what? Munir is getting married! Yeah today!!!

Crime Master Gogo

31 12 2006

nujjy!! long time!! u jus dnt come online nemore..dnt keep in touch! neway, wot hav u been up2? i jus came bak from a brilliant holiday and nw im er..”preparing…revising” (hehe) 4 my xams!!

lol nice blog! iv been so out of touch wid cricket 4 a while..hav 2 get bak in! u still on da playcricket thingo??

chandni xx

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