Journey to the end of India

14 12 2006

I recently went vacationing in Kerala and decided to hop across the state border into Kanyakumari. Its such a lovely place that I really wanted to stay there forever. But thats not possible, so I clicked some priceless pictures. Here are some of them.

You can look at all 3 sides of the sea from this view tower.

The tsunami memorial at Kanyakumari. It reminds you that you’re still at the mercy of the sea.

At the bottom of the Vivekananda Memorial rock.

At the foor the the statue of Saint Tiruvalluvar.

The ride to the Vivekananda Memorial in this ferry was scary! I was glad to be back on land.

Kovalam beach, near Trivandrum. Small and beautiful, good place to go and do nothing!

The perfect wallpaper for your desktop!




2 responses

15 12 2006
Crime Master Gogo

Too bad d(r)iver lost his spellings. Yeah this place is absolutely beautiful. D(r)iver already has the links to my albums. He needs to search!

14 12 2006

pogo isnt talkin bout trivandrum, hes more concerned abotu kanyakumar, thts y pogo is really bad 😛

and diver demands more pics and some donuts 😉

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