Its so easy to piss off telemarketers

27 10 2006

I was getting ready to take a brief nap after taking my medicines today when my phone rang. All I needed to say was “hello” and then the girl at the other end started rattling off…

She: “Good afternoon sir, I am calling from HSBC bank. Sir, we are offering you a gold credit card free of cost. It is completely free of annual renewal charges and you will be given a special concessionary interest rate for the first year. You can transfer all your other credit cards to this card free of charge. And sir, you can use it as a Petro-card at (some oil company’s name)’s petrol stations. Sir are you interested in it?”

Me is silent…

She: “Hello?”

Me still silent…

She: “Sir, are you there?”

Me finally speaks: “Madam, ho gaya? Ya aur kuch bhi bolna hai?”

She (obviously pissed off): “Kya sir, agar aise naatak hi karne hain to…”

Then she herself disconnects the phone call!

And I sleep in bliss for the next 2 hours! 😀




3 responses

28 11 2006

lol..never thot of this…
lemme try it out next time 😀

29 10 2006
Crime Master Gogo

Dear Anonymouse reader 😛

Next time I get any such call, I will give them your number. Then you can have some fun talking to them in malayalam 😀


29 10 2006

now i kno y pogo is always ad! y ddnt u forward that call to me? 😀

Diver handles this kind of cases well enough that they will hit pogo with the mobile next time 😛


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