An Icon’s Era comes to an End

24 10 2006

Though I will confess that I have never actually watched even a single Formula 1 race live on television but still I followed the results of most races throughout the season. Even though I am not a big follower of Formula 1 racing, the only one name that always stood out in my mind was Michael Schumacher. Today it was officially announced that he is retiring from the arena. An era of F-1 racing is coming to an end, and rightly so because Schumacher is a legend who will be hard to emulate by anyone.

Today’s media is full of coverage of Schumacher’s retirement. Some are making us believe that there is nobody who can replace him, but that’s what they did when Steve Waugh announced his retirement 3 years ago. Okay, I did manage to find a parallel between F-1 and Cricket but then there is another parallel. Schumacher’s friendship with Sachin Tendulkar is yet another talk of the town. How can we forget the controversy that was generated by the Ferrari that was gifted to Sachin by him? To drift away from the topic for a while, I wonder how Tendulkar manages to ride that Ferrari on the bad roads of Mumbai.

I am not here to analyze Schumacher’s career or to write any article on his farewell. I just want to say that he is a legend and he was the only person who I religiously followed in the F-1 arena in the last few years. Let me also confess here that I don’t know anything more about F-1 racing except a few other big names apart from Narayan Karthikeyan, the Indian dude who is trying to earn a name for himself on the world stage. I’m not a big sports buff but I know that Schumacher’s exit marks a closure of an era.





2 responses

25 10 2006
Crime Master Gogo


Hehehe, I know how much you like Schumi but I liked him for altogether different reasons.

Thanks for your comment 🙂


25 10 2006

Hi Jerry…well i have already told that i always liked schumi…as he’s handsome n sexy…like u i never saw any car race…but still i admire him for what he has done for his country…i liked your blog.
N yes…it was not a farewell review but it was simply written by heart.

Love tom

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