I finally dumped Opera

22 07 2006

Somehow the Indian government decided to block all blog domains last week so I couldn’t post this earlier. Anyways, not that the blogs are back, here is the latest post.

I finally dumped Opera. I have already written why Opera 9 beta disappoints. In fact some of the problems that I faced in the beta version have been rectified in the complete release. For instance, the browser doesn’t crash when multiple tabs are opened. It finally imported all my RSS feeds and bookmarks from the previous installation. But still, Opera left me with a lot to desire. I am an old pro, and have always welcomed the enhancements that they have made to their browser but this time Opera 9 doesn’t look as good as it used to be.

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For a start, Yahoo! Mail looks very different in Opera 9. I get to see a huge blank space on the webpage and have to scroll down to have a look at my mails. I don’t know why this is happening in Opera because Yahoo! seems to work fine in Firefox and IE. Read more about why Opera disappoints from the link I have provided above.

I still hung on to Opera; primarily because of its RSS feed reader. I have become so well attuned to it that I am literally in love with it. Opera takes the cake in this respect because its RSS reader can read feeds automatically at regular intervals. So if I want to know the score of a live Cricket match every 10 minutes, I won’t have to pass any command to the reader to extract feeds. I love this technology.

This is one thing that I could never find for Firefox. I mean, they have innumerable extensions and feed readers for Firefox and even the Live Bookmarks are designed to read news feeds but they cannot emulate this effect of Opera. I was on the lookout for a good feed reader for firefox and finally found Sage. I liked the way it imported the OPML feeds from Opera. It gave me summaries of all the feeds, just the way Opera does. But yes, it doesn’t import feeds automatically like Opera. Still, I thought it was good enough for me to declare Opera defunct for me, at least for the time being.

This actually leads me to follow the browser wars. IE7 has been released by Microsoft. Firefox is preparing to release version 2. (I hear that FF 2 beta is already out) and have already prepared a roadmap for FireFox 3 (to be released next year). Opera has added widgets, torrent downloader and hopefully more will come in next upgrades. I will follow the browser wars and keep posting on it here.

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