I actually won!

30 06 2006

I actually won a contest. It is amazing really but it is true. Last week I got a call from Hutch that I was one of the winners of the Hutch Super 3 contest that was held in early February during the India-Pakistan ODI series. What had actually happened at that time was that I started playing this SMS based contest, in which I had to guess 3 performers of the day for each ODI match. They had a scoring system according to which they used to sms every contestant about the points he/she won. What I didn’t know initially was that the contest cost me INR 6 per SMS. When I cam to know of this fact I was shocked. But by then 3 of the 5 matches had already been played and I had little option left to unsubscribe from the contest. Still I thought that it would be better to stop sending the SMS for the remaining 2 matches but to my dismay, they still charged me @ INR 6 per match. I thought that I had wasted INR 30 for nothing. The prize of the contest was a Rahul Dravid autographed Cricket bat replica. I didn’t expect to win it but I did. I have no idea how I won it, and am baffled that they declared the winner after 4 long months. Still, I am happy that I won. Here is a picture of the set of Cricket bat replicas clicked from my cameraphone.




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30 06 2006
Crime Master Gogo



It’s no bad luck, I am honored to have that Cricket bat replica.


Thank god I don’t use Airtel, at least I am spared of those crappy sms messages for caller tunes lol. Still, the contests are fun only as long as you win them, else its like paisa faltoo mein kharach kar diya 😀


This pic was taken from my Nokia 6101. I will scrap you with details about it.


30 06 2006

yaar contest wagarah to sab theek hai

bas itna bata yeh kaunsa phone ka camera ahi jis se itni crisp photo aayi hia.

Scrap karna aur batana


30 06 2006

Congratulations!!! I use Airtel and they never give me anything except useless hello tunes and horrible sms’s…glad atleast someone wins these contests…mujhe toh hamesha fake lagta tha…

the bat looks sleek n cute!

cheers 😉

30 06 2006

pogo won! that sounds like no one else participated in the contest…lol…anyways hutch is the kewlest one 😛

and ask for dhoni’s autograph, who wants that of dravid? 😛

bad luck…lol…

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