Ek aur incident yaad aaya!

28 04 2006

Well, this isn’t about the mango tree. This happens to be about a girl who lived in my neighbourhood till some years back. I found this incident funny; dunno if you’ll find it funny too. Here it goes:

I think it was in late 2002 or probably early 2003. I was returning home from college. The bus stop was a good kilometre away and I had to walk back to my home from there. As I was walking back home, I saw a guy and a girl talking to each other in the middle of the road halfway down the street. At first I didn’t care but a moment later I saw them again. Their body language suggested that they were having a fight. The guy then held the girl’s arm tightly and the girl then struggled to let go of it. I wondered ki yeh kya ho raha hai? Then I saw them part their ways. The guy started walking towards me and the girl went in the opposite direction, possibly towards her home.

And then it happened!

The guy looked back, almost as if in slow-motion of Ekta Kapoor’s serials. He stopped, thought for a moment and then looked back. All he saw was the back of the girl walking back to her home. He stared at her for a moment and then decided to move on. As he turned back towards me, I saw in the background that the girl also stopped to look at him. It was a total filmy scene! First the guy looked at his girlfriend walking away from him and hoping that she would be standing there ready to take him in her arms and then the girl doing the same hoping that her boyfriend would be standing there for her. Gosh! It was such a sight!

Soon the guy walked past me. I had managed to suppress my smile till then but as soon as he went past me, I burst into a fit of laughter. Thankfully nobody saw me laughing that way else they would have wondered why I was laughing so loudly. I suppressed my laughter again and then started for my home. As I turned into the lane leading to my home I realized that it was the girl who lived just 4 houses ahead of me. Now I knew her secret though she didn’t know that I knew that she was talking to her boyfriend (err… it must be her ex-boyfriend by now).




5 responses

4 05 2006
Crime Master Gogo

Rohit bhaiya, filmi shilmi kaun hota hai? Yeh sach mein ek actual incident ka aankhon dekha haal hai!


3 05 2006

sahi hai bhidu,
Lage raho.
Hota hai kabhi kabhi.
Jaada Filmy Shilmy hone se yahi hota hai.
Keep Writing

29 04 2006
Crime Master Gogo


Amit bhaiya: Aap to bas tareef ke bul banaate jao, mazaa aata hai when I read your comments!

D(r)iver: This wasn’t a rip off from a Tushar-Esha flick. BTW, who watches such bad fiulms? Certainly not me 😛


28 04 2006

I think I just saw the similiar incident in TV between Esha Deol and Tushar Kapoor, I think…lol…

We will not be allowing any outside boy friends to jump into the neighbourhood because the most good looking people are already here you know! 😀

keep watching POGO!

28 04 2006


Kis cheez ki taareef karoon? Tumhare observation ki, tumhare yaadaasht ki, tumhare likhne ki ya tumhare humour ki?

Lo sabki kar deta hoon!

REally hilarious!

MAST!!Waiting for another girl episode 😛


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