Fanaa – My First Ever Music Review

17 04 2006

They say that the nature of Fanaa consists of elimination of evil deeds and lowly attributes of the flesh. Fanaa calls for abstention from sin and look for only Divine Love. Fanaa – the film is about a blind girl who falls in love with an incorrigible flirt. What she doesn’t know is that this man is destined to change her life forever.The music of this film is not the kind of music that will mesmerize you immediately. It takes time to grow on you. The music of Jatin-Lalit will be heard for one last time in this movie before they part their ways. Being a big fan of theirs, I feel sad at their break up as a musical jodi. As regards their composition for this movie, I feel that they haven’t been up to the usual standards that they are known for.

Given the fact that a part of this film is based in Kashmir, I felt that the typical Kashmiri folk music is missing from the soundtrack. I wonder why. Having said that, the Sufiana music can be experienced in Chand Sifarish. Kailash Kher has done well in singing this song. Lyrically this song is perhaps the best. We get a good visual of the kind of background set up for this song.

I have always felt that Sonu Nigam sings at too loud a pitch than what suits him. He takes a break from it when he sings Mere Saath Mein. He sounds good. Kajol and Aamir Khan too have lent their voices to this song. Look out for the dialogues that you hear in the trailers of the movie. They are part of this song.

The music of Hum Tum was one of the biggest hits of Jatin Lalit. Now you might be wondering why I am talking about Hum Tum in a review on Fanaa album but there seems to be direct connection between both the films. Both of them have been produced by Aditya Chopra, directed by Kunal Kohli and music is given by Jatin Lalit. The song Chanda Chamke looks to be a direct rip-off from Yaara Yaara of Hum Tum. Hear it for yourself. The rhythms, beats and notes are exactly the same. They have the same effect on you and you almost start visualising Yaara Yaara in your mind. The saving grace is the lyrics of this song. The tongue-twisters make it a lively and fun song to play.

kitna mushkil yeh gaana zara gaake dikhana

I guess Jatin Lalit might have taken this line of the song a little too seriously. Maybe that’s why they did not create any new tune for this song.

Sunidhi Chauhan turns into melody queen in Dekho Na. She is a complete revelation from what we have heard from her in some earlier movies. And full marks for Sonu Nigam again for the way he has sung this song.

Des Rangila is a big let-down. If I were to play this song on radio, I would play it as filler between two good songs or in between two commercial breaks. Sung by Mahalaxmi Iyer, they have tried to make it into a patriotic song but it falls well short of being one. When watching the movie on theatre, this song will give the viewers the much needed welcome-break they need while watching a 3 hour long movie. Or maybe, (I’m not sure of it though) given the fact that it has a part of Jana Gana Mana in it, it could have been used at the end of the film when they usually show the credits of the film’s crew.

I think Destroyed in Love (lounge mix) could have been used in the beginning of the movie (again it’s a fact that I cannot confirm for sure as yet). The flute mixture is good and it suits well for easy listening.

DJ Aqeel’s version of Chand Sifarish starts on a rather jarring note after the end of a good album. But the jarring first few seconds gives way to a good remix of the original. The Yaara Yaara effect can be felt here too.

Overall the album is good. It has the potential of being the largest selling album of the year. The music will take some time to grow on you but otherwise there is nothing in this album that can be regarded as bad.




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6 10 2008

thanks much, guy

22 02 2008

Hey peps!

My faves r Mere Haath Mein , Des Rangila, and Chand Sifarish
So……… have any other topics???
God! I’m bored sitting home! I wish i was in India but i’m not! I’m in LONDON!!

Bye Y’all,

Isha Mirza 🙂

22 04 2006
Crime Master Gogo


Chand Sifarish and Mere Haat Mein are my favs. I guess you’re right abt the remix wala song… because it does get into a different rhythm after a rather solemn and romantic album. And I am glad my first shot at music reviews was liked by all.


22 04 2006
No Einstine HuH

Hehe 🙂

Well good is an understatement as Chandy said..the music rocks and for me Chand Sifarish + Lounge + Mere Haath mein is too good. Remix rocks too but for that one has to make a mood shift to get in groove. This is a good break from all your reviews. A music review from unexpected quarters is always good. Glad you blogged.

Shatter more keys…

20 04 2006
Crime Master Gogo

Amit bhaiya,

Jaldi se please listen to the songs. They are melodious though you may not like them initially. Go ahead, listen to them and let me know your views ASAP.


20 04 2006

Hey Anuj!

I must first confess that despite my best efforts I havent been able to hear Fanaa music till now..

But, your FIRST attempt at the music review doesnt look like one! In fact it is like Jason Gillespie hitting a double hundred!Wonderful work..Your USP is not sounding monotnous or predictible on whatever you write..

I will comment once again once I have heard the music..


19 04 2006
Crime Master Gogo


First of all, I have stopped writing on MS. I realized that I have run out of topics to write there and also blogging has a much bigger scope to write on, plus I have control over what I want to write here, no censorship.

As regards this album, I dont look at it your way. I consider it a work of Jatin Lalit more than a composition of a Yashraj film. Initially I had trouble liking the songs but I realize that the songs tend to sound melodious as we hear them more often. Maybe that is the USP of this album, lets hope it sells too!


19 04 2006

Bhai !

Why not post the music review at MS? Or have you taken the rules too seriously?

Anyways its great to see a music review from your side on an above average album. I quite liked it initially but with time, this one is turning out to be pretty routine stuff for me. Only ‘Chad Sifarish’ and to an extent, ‘Mere Haath Mein’ seem good!

Though not bad overall, I still prefer 36 CT to this one. Fanaa is a typical Chopra stuff, which I don’t exactly like these days !

Leak out…™

18 04 2006
Crime Master Gogo


The music is good, but the usual Jatin Lalit type punch was missing. Lets hope the film turns out to be good.


18 04 2006

anuj !

I think excellent review … music should rock…i dont know whether same fate will be there for the movie…


17 04 2006
Crime Master Gogo


No, I’ve stopped writing on MS now. I like writing blogs, and I’m glad that you liked this music review.


17 04 2006

Fundoo Review man.
yeah i have been listening to fanaa songs for the last couple of days and believe me when I say – they have really grown on me and i am kindda liking them by the day.
Fantastic album
Fantastic review.

Now – go to MS and copy and paste this their too man.
Go for it

Keep Writing

17 04 2006
Crime Master Gogo


Teny: Nobody can beat you in a hair raising competition. You can rest assured because you come from JA land 😀

Chandra: I was apprehensive about the review while writing it but it became lesser and lesser as I progressed. With your comment, all the apprehensions are gone! You can listen to the songs of this movie at And *shock horror* you won’t get to watch this movie till July? Don’t worry, I plan to watch it around it’s release so I will let u know thoughts about the movie.

BTW, Did I mention that Chandy is known for her crazy comments? 😛 I understood everything, including the abbreviations 😀


17 04 2006
Chandy again

erm…je me suis rendu compte que i just wrote da craziest comment in da world! blame the nonsense on the pressure 😛 anyway, i am very sori if u cannot understand the trash that i just rote…either the abbreviations or da content 😛

17 04 2006
Chandy :P

hello hello!!

ur FIRST music revu??? ur kiddin me…n 2 fink u wer apprehensive bout it being “good”…id say good is an understatement; dis was BRILLIANT!!! 😀 aww lookie @ me…im soo sweet 😉 (its okay nuuj, u dnt hav 2 thank me :P)

omg..i reli want 2 listen 2 da songs from dis movie, but where from?? where can i listen 2 dem/ download dem…da onli 1 iv herd was da Chand Sifarish Club Mix 1..wich most ppl hav given da lowest rating 2 😛

Kajol luks reli preti in dat piccie…and Aamir Khan so dus not luk his age…even in RDB, u cudnt tell he was in his 4ties!! cant wait til da movie cums out…but wont b able 2 watch it until afta da xams (aka egg jam as u say Nuj)..i.e. in July 😦 so 2 months afta da release…

A stressful lyf is da 1 wich im livin atm *sigh* ahhh…i detest xams 😦

not 2 end wid a grumble…*sings* (run Nuj run…LoL lyk Forrest Gump…dat was on TV da other day :D) Fanna Fanna yeh dil hua Fanna! 😀 i luv da songs from humko deewana kargaye 🙂 omg…i jus realised, Fanna rhymes wid Panna 😛 ahahaha

au’rev Nuj,
Chandy 😛

P.S: wicked revu!

17 04 2006


Just wait till I hear a song from the movie, and I will see if I can sue you for writing such a wonderful blog!

Btw do you think that Aamir Khan is trying to have more hair than me? He will never succeed! Never!

Keep blogging!

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