Himesh Reshammiya and Music

7 04 2006

There is music and then there is Himesh Reshammiya’s music. There is a big difference between them. Music is well… music to ears. But Himesh Reshammiya’s music is like a car coming to a screeching halt. Terrible comparison there? Okay, you are entitled to your own different opinion of his music but seriously speaking I don’t have any inclination to accept his brand of music in its current form.I am a connoisseur of good music. There are days at end when I don’t look beyond a few compositions of Gulzar and RD Burman. Then there are times when I go crazy about AR Rehman, Jatin Lalit and a few other good music directors. Himesh too has given some good compositions in Tere Naam (2003), Aitraaz (2004) and Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya (2005) among others. But off late his music doesn’t sound like music to ears.

It started with Aashiq Banaya Aapne (2005). The film had Tanushree Dutta and Emran Hashmi lip-locking every other moment and it needed good fast music. But Himesh messed it up with his rendition of the title track that felt like music from a broken radio set. There was no problem with Himesh as long as he played behind the scene sctivities in the form of a music director. Problem started when he himself donned his thinking cap and decided to try his luck at singing. As luck would have it, he was an instant hit. Instant success does not necessarily mean long term stardom. His stubble, cap, T-Shirt and jeans made him look ultra cool but his singing talent has taken a nosedive for the worse.

He sounds loud, nasal, sometimes feels like crying while singing and other times makes you wonder why is he singing? Okay, his nasal twangs may not be as pronounced as Kumar Sanu’s but still his nasal voice is all the more evident in some of his recent songs.


I look for music that has a certain amount of shelf-life. Unfortunately none of his albums have a good shelf-life of say beyond a month. If I have to go and buy an album, I’d much rather prefer an AR Rehman to Himesh Reshammiya.




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20 06 2008

himess started out with quiet melodious songs (most of them used to be on chunariya, duppatta, etc). then came Aashiq banaya aapne and post that it seems he just cudnt create anything so he keeps on recycling the same music.
AR Rehman has proved himself multiple times and is nothing less than a legend in the industry.

19 06 2008

please dont compare himesh and a r rahman …a r rahman is unique ..no comparison…a r rahman is soothing since 15 years and himesh is cracking since 10years…a r rahman is great music director..

7 08 2007

Whatay sad. You are not understanding the real hawtness of Himesh. Click
Here to appreciate his talent.

3 07 2007

hello friends.
everyone is commenting on HR. he is a hot cake today.
his music and tracks crooned by himself are rocking the charts. and that is reality. so he is a rockstar indeed. but if we switch over to the comparison between ARR and HR. then let me tell u ARR is ARR and no one else can take his place. he has become the right definition of MUSIC. so………….. let’s see what both of the music directors do in future. let us hope that we would get a good sounds from both of them.

11 05 2006

1..hey, i guess he has not given music for iqbal.

2. RAHMAAN and himesh i think are incomparable,,RAHMAAN is i guess incomparable to most of the present music directors,,read thier interviews ….
even himesh, shankar ehsaan loy have admitted themselves…!\

@ himanshu
i think you are correct,,aashiq banaya aapne is a greater hit in terms of audio sales…i guess it connects to the common masses more…

but rang de basanti itself was pathbreakin…
roobaro, paathshala, rang de basanti, luukka chuupi-one of the best mother son relatioship song ever made i guess,,,and even tum bin battaaye are matchless..
give it a patient hearing 2-3 times and see the magic of these songs..!

2 05 2006
Crime Master Gogo

Hi Sonika,

I agree that Himesh’s brand of music is new and lively, but only to an extent. As I said in my blog, problems started with him when he started singing and repeating himself. It may lead him to instant success but it has also brought a lot of brickbats to him. Compare jhalak dikhla ja… to the songs he has sung in Banaras, it just shows that he has the quality to be a good music director, as long as he keeps a check upon himself so as not to be repetitive and loud.

Do come back to read more here, I will update my blog soon.


2 05 2006

Hi Anuj,

I think Himesh Reshammiya has brought a new brusque, outdoorish feel to hindi music. Yes, the voice is nasal as you pointed out and even downright irritating at times, but the vibrancy of it takes you by surprise. I like his attitude – he carries it well.

Some of his songs are really good but he is getting repetetive.

BTW, looks like a super blog – hope to check out more of it later.


14 04 2006
Crime Master Gogo

Hi Himanshu,

It is nice to have you here. As I said in my blog, Himesh’s problem stems from the fact that he has decided to sing the songs he composes. And its here that we find him repeating himself. To an extent its okay, but later on it doesnt pay off. This is where his music for Benaras takes the cake because even though he sings a song in it yet it looks different from the music he dishes out for us.

Rehman too had the same problem initially when his music for Roja was an instant hit in the north but he became too repetitive and predictable with some of his later renditions. I felt that Taal was bad though when he tried to be different with Lagaan (he had to be, because it was a period film), it showed his class as a music director. And since then he has grown and has been accepted as a better composer. I wont say as yet if AR Rehman is an all time great but if Himesh and Rehman are compared, then I feel Himesh still has some way to go.


14 04 2006

Hi Anuj,
A nice blog but our views differ…. Who says that Rehman’s music has a longer shelf life?? Just see the difference, while Aashiq Banaaya Aapne is still successfully selling, Rang De Basanti has lost its charm… Boss you were right in saying that Rehman is obviously a better choice because he improvises and delivers newer sounds, but Aashiq Banaaya Aapne was also new to the Indian people… Its okay Himesh is overdoing the things but yes his voice is good, listen to “Kitna Pyar Karte Hain” from Banaras…. Listen to the music of Banaras, it has lots of new sounds and classical touch…. Listen to Himesh’s “Main Aisa Hi Hoon”, if you call yourself a lover of good music, this one is definitely a worth purchase…. But haan if you think good music is only AR Rehman, I am sorry my friend you are a bit of over estimating Rehman…… He also had lots of bad music and failures….

8 04 2006
Crime Master Gogo


As I said on chat, I feel his songs have a short shelf life. To an extent his songs do sound music to ears but then after a while one starts feeling bored to death by the same beats, rhythms and music. I know you won’t like this statement of mine but thats what I’ve felt for his music. And as regards his fashion sense, I better not comment on it 😛


8 04 2006
Chandy :P

I luv himesh reshmiya!!!!

LOL okay…er..dat may seem lyk a public indecent proposal, wot i ment 2 say is dat i luv himesh reshmiya’s songs!! dey are seriously brilliant tunes 2 dance 2, and introduce sumin new 2 da music industry!! And come on…dere HAS 2 b sum jaadoo in his music if every 1 of his songs is so popular!!

i dnt find nefin rong wid his voice…occasionali he may bcum a bit over-nasal..but still, its unique at least 🙂

but 2 completely contradict my 1st statement, i dnt lyk da guy himself…he luks icky, he needs 2 shave (clean shaven is in dis season!!),he needs 2 get rid of dat disgusting hat (and stop influencing poor, innocent saregamapa contestants 2 wear 1 too)…n needs 2 sort out his wardrobe 🙂

cyaz nuuj,
Chandy 🙂

8 04 2006
Crime Master Gogo

I never blamed Tanushree Dutta :p i just put the blame on the music. Simply put, ITS BAD. Thats my view.

Fikar not, one day his head will outgrow his hat and he would have to find a new hat.


7 04 2006

Mr Pogo!
Yo Yo!

very well analysed indeed!

But I will sue you if you blame the music of Aashiq Banya Apne and Tanusree Datta…lol…

What horrifies me more is the way in which he keeps wandering around with his hat on his head!

Keep watching PoGo!

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