Crime Master Gogo naam hai mera!

21 03 2006

What inspired my blog name? I think it was that weird character of Andaz Apna Apna by this name played by Shakti Kapoor. My previous post was about Andaz Apna Apna and rightly so, because it inspired me to have a funny blog name. Sad that I could not find Crime Master Gogo’s picture in the Internet else I would have put it up here.

The character Crime Master Gogo had a very limited role in the film. He is introduced as Mogambo ka bhateeja. Incidentally they had lifted Mogambo also from a previous blockbuster movie Mister India (1987) to make a relationship between the legendary villain of that film and the comical villain of this film. Shakti Kapoor plays Crime Master Gogo and is dressed like Superman.

His best known dialogues:

Aankhen nikaal kar gotiyan khelunga.

Yeh Teja Teja kya hai? Yeh Teja Teja?

Gogo jab bhi aata hai kuch na kuch leke jaata hai.

I quite liked the name Crime Master Gogo. When I decided to sign up for blogger, I kept my fingers crossed hoping that it was available. Thankfully it was! And I am happy that I now have it as my blog name.




3 responses

4 02 2009
21 03 2006
Crime Master Gogo

I was actually wondering what it would have been like if there had been a Crime Master Tennyson? 😮

Still thanks for the praises, though I don’t think I am as great as Shakti-sting-Kapoor 😛


21 03 2006

Glad you took that name, but you should have rather taken teh id Crime Master Anuj, because Gogo sounds like Pogo, and you don’t want to be the part of a kid’s channel…lol…but he really is a hilarious character no doubt about that! But no way near the greatness of anujbhatnagar_22 😀

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