Me in Alwar and Rains!

10 03 2006

What is it about Alwar that brings rains whenever I go there? I can’t really understand and perhaps the only plausible explanation for it is that it is just a pure and simple coincidence. Or maybe it is god’s way of making the visit even more memorable for me.

First things first, let me tell you more about Alwar. Situated halfway between Delhi and Jaipur, Alwar is the first major town when you enter Rajasthan. It is about 150kms south-west of Delhi and is about 3 hrs drive or 2 and half hrs worth of train journey from Delhi. From a tourist point of view, there is nothing much to see in Alwar except the Sariska Wild Life Sanctuary and the Sili Serh Lake resort. The town itself is in a dilapidated condition with some good residential colonies at its outskirts. The place is ideal for a weekend getaway.

Everytime I have been to Alwar alone, it has rained there. I remember that when I went there in 1996 alone for the first time, rains came pouring down for 2 consecutive days and I had to extend my program by 2 more days before I could return home to Delhi. Then in 2002, in the searing heat of June came a slight downpour which cooled down the temperatures from near 50 degrees to a very managable under 40 degrees.

Now earlier this week, I went to Alwar on a 3 day trip and again like previous times it started raining there within an hour of my reaching there. The rains did not last long alright but I heard that it rained heavily in and around Delhi that night. Interestingly, it rained first in Alwar and then in Delhi. Now that I am back in Delhi, rains do not seem to be in any mood of going away.

Is it all a coincidence? It has to be, because there is no other explanation for the rains coming at the time of my visit to Alwar. Rains kept us indoors and the weather changed overnight from an unusually oppresive heat of the month of March to a rather cool spring season. Back home in Delhi now even as I write this blog, it is raining and I can hear thunder in the background.

Lets hope the weather stays like this for a while because pretty soon we will be getting ready to welcome summers with both hands stretched wide. Till then… just chill and enjoy till it lasts.




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