Cell phone stories – Finale: Life without cell phones

19 02 2006

Ever wondered how it was like when cell phones did not existed? Life was so simple. And its not too long ago, guess that was not more than 5 or 6 years back. I could go out for movies and hang out with guys at college without the worry of getting that pesky phone call from home asking me to return home before its too late at night. Those were the days when there were no telemarketers. In short, life was simple!

I sometimes crave for those days. Sometimes when I go out nowadays I dont carry my cell phone with me. I know it drives my parents crazy but I want my space and freedom that I am deprived of by the cell phone. Someone once asked me if I am so bothered by that phone call from home why can’t I just switch it off? My answer was that if I have to switch off the cell phone, why carry it in the first place?

Cell phones have meant conveniences galore but it has helped people to creep on others’ privacy. It sometimes bothers me when I get a phone call in the middle of Spiderman2 or Rang De Basanti or whatever I’m doing. One instance is my lunch time. I literally keep my cell phone on mute during lunch and dinner time because I like to have my lunch/dinner in peace and it pisses me off big time if I get a phone call at that time. My friends no me all to well not to call me at that time. But what can I do about the numerous tele-marketers, and other people who call me up at random times. I guess I have learnt to control my temper.




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9 03 2007
Crime Master Gogo


Who is this sree?


8 03 2007

hi sree i lik u a lot i m a fan of u………….pls reply

26 02 2006
Crime Master Gogo

natkhat chandra,

Shock horror disaster! How can someone NOT pressurize to get a cell phone 😮 I remember it was a crazy thing to do but I did pressurize my dad to allow me to take it to college for a few days. What happened to it, u can read it in my review on Ericsson A1018s. (The Elephant phone) 😛

Surprisingly, for me, this year is txt messaging, last yr was for the next 😀


26 02 2006

lol…now we all noe da tyms 2 annoy u Anuj…u reli shudnt hav revealed dat on da net 😉

i totali agree tho..b4 mobiles wer considered a luxury and now they are an essential…n if u dnt hav 1…den ur pressured 2 get 1! I mean…even all da dadis hav their own little social lives on fones…4 more info watch Bend it Lyk Beckham 😉

But yeh…initiali da fones wer dere 4 safety/converniance but now i fink ppl are misusing dem…and dere is of course dat theory that fones make u more prone 2 cancer…n i noe sum of my friends who actuali cnt spend a minute sans dem!

4 me…text messaging is sooo last yer! Dis yer…its da net 😉

neways…iv kinda diverted da matter..so i shud go now 🙂

Chandy Shandy 🙂

25 02 2006
Crime Master Gogo


I know how much your phone means to u, but tell me one thing… how much do u earn from the internet cafe of your phone? 🙂


25 02 2006

With all these new features in the mobile phones, they just doesn’t simply symbolize talking any more. So it is that much difficult to part with the phone, as it may be camera, MP3 player as well as an internet cafe, all in one…..

22 02 2006
Crime Master Gogo


It is one thing for me to talk on phone and totally another when I talk on phone while i’m having my lunch/dinner. I guess its me only but I get mad when I see my phone ring at that time. Its okay if it is from someone I know but if its from a number thats not in my list, then I press the silent button and ignore it.

As for the signals, hehe my dad had to shift from Airtel to Hutch because of poor signal at home. And this is when I am talking of Delhi and Airtel is huge, HUGE in Delhi. Yet they suck big time here. Ah well, I can’t rant abt it more because i’m guessing you already have read a lot abt it on MS.

B’day boy

22 02 2006

hmmm…so remind me that weneva i call it shall be durin ur lunchtym…:P:P jkz jawan! (khnh)

well u noe me, i cannot agree with the not talkin on fone whilst eatin…:P:D:P

but erm….i spose ur right, some tym ago, mobiles werent nec. but now like every1 has them….it’s funni, coz even ppl in the village have them and stuff!!

mobiles r popular in india except the reception is sucki there. like some companies have gud reception, some dunt. and u have to change the no. from state to state. or sumfin like that…..—confusin! hehehehe

but still, it’s gud to carry one. i wudnt noe, coz i never carry mine. :P:P

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