Delhi is shivering and I am shivering!

10 01 2006

Its bitterly cold. And it is not going to be any better. According to some weather forecasts the weather is going to stay chilly and shivering for the next few days. Being a Delhiite, I know what they are saying. I know that it will stay that way for the next 15-20 days. Add to it that I am having exams starting later this week. How will I cope with the bitter cold and write my papers? I guess it will have to be done anyway, hope I’ll find some way out for it.

The media is blowing this weather out of proportions. Some said that it snowed in Delhi, some said that it went below freezing point but the reality was that it was like 0.2 degree celcius, probably the lowest ever recorded in Delhi. It seems rather unbelievable because all my life I have never seen the temperatures dipping below 3 degrees in Delhi. This year, it was 0.2 the day before yesterday and 1.4 yesterday. Heaven knows what it will be like later today. Thanks to the hype by the media, the govt. has declared a holiday for primary schools for the next three days.

It actually makes me feel jealous. I remember as a kid, I too used to go to school in such harsh and cold weather. Nobody declared the schools closed in my days. We used to do it as routine and it became a part of our life. Whats the big deal in going to school even in this cold weather? Frankly speaking I have no idea! I remember, my school bus used to go past the Deer Park where it used to be so cold and foggy that we could not see anything inside it. If we can go to school as kids in such harsh weather so can the kids of today do as well. Wonder what happens to Mrs. Sheila Dikshit when she declares schools closed for such frivolous reasons.




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