Happy Diwali

2 11 2005

Well okay, I may be a day late for Diwali but it doesnt really matter. In recent years I have toned down my celebrations to a great extent. The old, vibrant and happy Anuj is missing. Maybe he is dead. He has been replaced by this introverted and moody character who doesn’t mind staying away from all kinds of festivities. Thats what happened on Holi too earlier this year. But then I enjoyed putting up the lights at home. I enjoyed redecorating my home, as I have always done.

What actually put a dampener this year were the serial blasts in Delhi, including one at Sarojini Nagar market from where we always do our Diwali shopping. More than 40 people died in that horriffic blast. Even worse is the fact that we had planned to go there just a day earlier but had dropped the plan just at the last moment. It sent a chill down our spine (when I say ‘our’, I mean me, mom and dad). We’ve often heard about serial blasts in other parts of the world but it never affected us. It has an effect on you only when it hits someone or somplace close to you.